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MIPI-CSI2 Camera

TechNexion Embedded Vision Camera Sensors are available from 1MP to 13MP with rolling or global shutter functionality. The best of all. All TEVS sensors are pin-to-pin compatible.

Support of our TEVS Embedded Camera Sensors is available for NXP i.MX8M family including the advanced i.MX8M Plus. Drivers and integration for NVIDIA Jetson platform is driven on a per demand basis and we encourage you to reach out to us to discuss how we can assist you to enable your projects.

MIPI CSI2 Camera Family

TechNexion’s Embedded Vision Camera sensors, available in a diverse range from 1MP to 13MP, are equipped with a unified connector designed to facilitate effortless integration into your devices, guaranteeing a seamless integration experience.

Select between a rolling shutter to achieve smooth, adaptable imagery or opt for a global shutter to secure sharp, instantaneous captures. Ideal for enhancing your devices’ intelligence and responsiveness, these sensors are engineered to be compact, requiring minimal space yet delivering maximal functionality.

Development Kits

Our TEVS camera modules are designed for seamless compatibility with leading systems, including NXP’s i.MX8M family, NVIDIA’s Jetson, and the TI TDA4VM Jacinto™ processors platform. These modules are supplied with everything required for a rapid deployment, allowing you to innovate effortlessly. Benefit from our adaptable, high-performance cameras that are engineered to accelerate your project’s time-to-market and enhance your system’s capabilities.

TEVS-AR0521-EVK Medium FOV
TechNexion EVK
TEVS-AR0521-RPI22 Medium FOV
TechNexion EVK RPI22
TEVS-AR0521-RPI15 Medium FOV
TechNexion EVK RPI15
TEVS-AR0521-NXP Medium FOV
TechNexion EVK Mini-SAS

S-Mount Interchangeable Lenses

TEVS leverages a standard S-Mount interface with interchangeable lenses, offering versatile solutions tailored to various applications. This adaptability allows for precise customization in response to specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance across a range of use cases.


VizionViewer™ is a companion tool and VizonSDK for adjusting embedded camera images. Specifically designed for, and provided for free with TechNexion cameras, VizionViewer™ allows control via both UVC and ISP via simple sliders. With built-in profile functionality, pre-configured settings can be easily moved to any embedded machine within minutes.

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