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Manufacturing Capabilities

Finding the right partner to help you design your embedded product is just the first step. It is equally important to find the right manufacturing partner as quality, capacity, time-to-market and costs can also make-or-break your product’s success. TechNexion’s state-of-the-art production facilities enable us to deliver on the most complex design requirements, while also ensuring exceptional standards of quality control. In addition, our ability to both design and manufacture means your product benefits from synergies only possible when these teams are in the same company.

Package on Package (PoP) Technology

TechNexion has invested heavily in the latest equipment to ensure we can make extremely high precision designs. Package on package technology enables the stacking of components on top of each other, making it possible to produce system-on-modules, embedded boards, and single board computers with a smaller footprint. The ability to have these products with smaller footprints is especially helpful in mobile environments.

We have also invested in high-speed equipment meaning designs with high numbers of components won’t be a bottleneck for your go-to-market goals.

In addition, we have also introduced a computerized barcode tracking system for each PCB. This system enables us to trace down to the level of not only each component but also date, time, and even machine operators, so we can instantly and precisely identify and address production issues.

Rigorous Quality and Inspection

At every stage of the production process there is built-in inspection to ensure quality levels of your product lead the industry.

Firstly, after the production equipment adds solder paste to your board, our solder paste inspection process provides a true, accurate three-dimensional measurement of the applied solder paste. We check for not just form, height, but also surface area, bridges, volume, x/y/z offset and coplanarity.

Secondly, once component placement and soldering is finished, we check with our AOI equipment to see if all the components are still placed correctly. AIO provides revolutionary 3D image processing able to analyze the topographical features of solder fillets to ensure constant PCB quality and reliability. In the case of the inspection of large thickness PCBs, we combine an advanced CT structuring technology with a high-output X-ray source. This combination enables the inspection of all components, something that is not possible by traditional visible light inspection.

Thirdly, we carry out functional testing for each and every product to verify that all the features operate exactly according to your specifications.

Finally, for industrial grade products we additionally test within an extended temperature range and for strict shock and vibration resilience.