Android Things

Android Things is a new version of Android aimed at enabling faster development of secure connected devices for the Internet of Things (IoT). Android Things is a lightweight embedded OS that enables both local and cloud connectivity over multiple wireless protocols.

IoT Development Platform

Fast development and time to market at predictable scaling costs are critical for success in the IoT market. To enable Android Things hardware platforms to meet these goals TechNexion has worked with Google and selected two development platforms based on the i.MX6UL and i.MX7 applications processor family from NXP Semiconductors. PICO-PI-IMX6UL is a performance, ultra-efficient system designed for IoT applications, while PICO-PI-IMX7 is a highly integrated multi-market applications system with advanced features designed to enable secure and portable applications within the Internet of Things. Both platforms have been qualified and tested by Google to run Android Things at optimal performance.

Bringing Device Production to Everyone

Android Things lets you build professional, mass-market products on a trusted platform, without previous knowledge of embedded system design. It delivers security at the scale you need it via Google-managed updates and verified boot. Android Things reduces the large upfront development costs and risks inherent in getting your idea off the ground. When you are ready to ship large quantities of devices, your costs scale linearly. In addition, on-going engineering and testing costs are reduced by updates.

Target Applications

TechNexion PICO-PI-IMX6UL and PICO-PI-IMX7 platforms can be applied in a wide range of applications ranging from locks, to door controls, to fire alarm thermostats, to appliances, to lights, to plugs, to moisture and temperature sensors, and applications with high level of complexity.

Getting Started

TechNexion is one of Google’s hardware partners selected to deliver Android Things development platform to facilitate fast prototyping and product development at predictable scaling costs. To enable this fast development and time to market TechNexion’s both platforms consisting of PICO-PI baseboard and PICO-IMX6UL or PICO-IMX7 system on modules based on the NXP i.MX6 UltraLight and i.MX7 applications processor families have been qualified and tested by Google. The PICO-PI-IMX6UL and PICO-PI-IMX7 were chosen for their exceptional processing and low-power performance; both critical for IoT end products. We also offer PICO-PI-IMX7-STARTKIT developer kit, that provides all the hardware that customer needs to speed up prototyping and time to production.

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