Category: AXON System-on-Modules

In the body, the axon is what delivers the signal from the neuron to other cells such as muscle cells, sensory cells, or other neurons. AXON System-on-Modules are the edge processing solution for applications requiring the highest amount of I/O for sensory input, actuation control, and edge processing.  At just 37x58mm, with a PCB-footprint optimized board-to-board connector, AXON modules  integrate an NXP i.MX8M series SOC, RAM, e.MMC, PMIC, LAN PHY, and optionally includes a certified combo wireless (WLAN+BT) module.


There are 2 pin-compatible modules available featuring the high-performance AI-acceleration of  i.MX8M Plus, cost-effective and low-power i.MX8M Mini. AXON-IMX8M-MINI integrates an FPGA to provide high I/O capability as well as the possibility to design-in custom logic without the need for an FPGA on a carrier board.