Manufacturing Capabilities

As a design and manufacturing company, TechNexion continues to invest in its production capabilities, its quality and increasing its product depth. During the last decade we have expanded drastically our production capabilities to meet technically increasingly complex customer demand. From our state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Taiwan, TechNexion provides top quality products and services for our customers. The newly expanded facility offers an ample capacity of up to 250K PCBA/month.


TechNexion continual investment in production technology and machinery upgrades makes it possible to stay one step ahead of our competition. We can proudly say that we have achieved many milestones in the area of top-quality manufacturing. TechNexion fully automated production lines with Package on Package capability maximize the output while eliminating inconsistent products. TechNexion factory is able to trace back each component to the source when necessary. Thanks to our computerized barcode tracking system of each PCB, we can instantly identify and address production issues. Our nitrogen controlled reflow ovens stand out for the highest quality soldering and component corrosion avoidance. On top of that our post reflow inspection consists of unique SPI and AOI process.


In comparison to other solder paste inspection systems, our SPI process provides a true accurate three-dimensional measurement of applied solder paste. The solder paste printing is inspected for form, height, surface area, bridges, volume, x/y/z offset and coplanarity. With revolutionary 3D image processing, the AOI accurately analyzes the topographical features of solder fillets to ensure constant PCB quality and reliability. Inspection of large thickness PCBs is possible by combining an advanced CT structuring technology with a high-output X-ray source. This enables to complete the inspection of all components, that is not possible by traditional visible light inspection. TechNexion products are tested for full functionality before being dispatched to customer. Functional testing verifies that each function of the product operates in conformance with the requirement specification. Entire functionality of the system is tested by providing appropriate input, verifying the output and comparing the actual results with the expected results. Industrial grade products are additionally tested within an extended temperature range. Strict shock and vibration tests are performed to ensure that devices meet the needs of the most demanding environments.

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