Compact and rugged embedded controller for robotics and automation

  • ROVY-4VM based on Texas Instruments TDA4VM Jacinto™ Processor
  • 2x 64-bit Cortex A72 + 6x R5F MCUs for realtime processing
  • Built-in DSPs with MMA for 8 TOPS AI/ML processing
  • Built-in ISP and video processing acceleration
  • 8x VizionLink camera ports based on FPDLink III
  • 1x VizionLink Panel display expansion.
  • MCU and Safety I/O expansion
  • Wide voltage range DC power in (8 to 36V DC)
  • Functional safety capable

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TRAQ-4VM Highlights

Designed for Vision

Designed for real-time processing in embedded vision applications, the Texas Instruments TDA4VM SoC integrates dual ARMv8 Cortex A72, 6 1.0 GHz ARM Cortex R5F, 3 floating point DSPs, and several accelerators for vision processing.

Functional Safety

Drawing from a heritage in automotive, the TRAQ-4VM is Functional Safety Capable, with integrated power monitoring and an isolated dual Cortex R5F MCU subsystem operating in lockstep for safety processing.

Rugged and Reliable

Designed for high temperature range, mechanical shock and vibration for tough environments


With 9-ports of Gigabit Ethernet, including 4 ports of 1000Base-T1 Single Pair Ethernet, 6x CAN-FD ports, and 3x M.2 PCIe internal expansion, and 3x external expansion connectors including a dedicated Safety MCU I/O connector

Camera Integration

Seamlessly integrate high resolution and low-latency cameras into your application 8x VizionLink or FPD-Link III cameras.

Machine Learning / AI

The integrated DSP and Matrix Multiply Accelerator (MMA) greatly accelerates deep learning inference processing up to 8 TOPS.

Software Platform

As a true opensource software advocate, are supported with a source code Linux BSP pre-integrated with ROS2.

Quick Market Entry

Building on a ready to deploy platform designed from the ground up with AMR and Robotic applications in mind. TRAQ-4VM accelerates your time to market and beats your competition.


Core System


Processor Speed

2.0 Ghz


2x Arm Cortex-A72 + 6x Arm Cortex R5F


8GB LPDDR4, up to 4266 MT/s with inline ECC up to 14.9GB/s


64MB Octal SPI
128GB UFS Type 2.1

AI / Vision Capabilities

Deep-learning matrix multiply accelerator (MMA), up to 8 TOPS (8b) at 1.0 GHz

Movie Vault


Getting Started