PCN for PICO-IMX7 to change to certified Bluetooth / WiFi

Date added: May 2, 2019
Affected Products: PICO-IMX7

Dear Customer,

This letter serves as a formal product change notification (PCN) for TechNexion Parts PICO-IMX7 Family.

This PCN involves changes to wireless functionality and storage options. There is also a part number change to differentiate new products from discontinued products.

Reason for the Change

In the past several years the ubiquitous popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT) has caused a major shift within our customer base towards configurations that feature more advanced and scalable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionalities.

The new PICO-IMX7 Family answers this need by providing a new wireless solution that offers:

  1. Concurrent Wi-Fi (AP and client mode). This is mostly used for initial configuration and device management.
  2. Bluetooth 5
  3. System on Modules with Wi-Fi capabilities that offer -40~85C operating temperature
  4. Regulatory Certification:
    1. North America : TechNexion Wi-Fi module carry FCC ID : 2AKZA-QCA9377
    2. Canada : TechNexion Wi-Fi module carry IC ID : 22364-QCA9377
    3. Japan : TechNexion Wi-Fi module carry TELEC ID : 201-180629
    4. EU : *(note)
    5. Australia / New Zealand : *(note)

Note : For EU and Australia/New Zealand general module certification has been carried out for ETSI, CE, RED compliance and reports can be requested by email to submit to the customer’s local test lab. Complete system certification is still required and TechNexion has a staff of qualified EMC/EMI/RF test engineers available to assist customers with additional certification requests.

Old / New Part Number Cross Reference Table

New Part Number Discontinued Part Number Differences
PICOIMX7D10R05E16 PICOIMX7DR05E04 16GB eMMC instead of 4GB
PICOIMX7D10R05E169377 PICOIMX7DR05E04BB Same as above + New Certified QCA9377 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Module
New Part Number Discontinued Part Number Differences
PICOIMX7D10R10E16 PICOIMX7DR10E04 16GB eMMC instead of 4GB
PICOIMX7D10R10E169377 PICOIMX7DR10E04BB Same as above + New Certified QCA9377 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Module

Hardware Changes to migrate to the new revision product

Baseboard: No modification required.

Heatsink: When using a System-on-Module. Please contact your TechNexion Sales Representative to confirm the correct heatsink part number are compatible with your product.

Antenna: Please contact your TechNexion Sales Representative to discuss options available for your use-case.

Software Changes to migrate to the new Revision Product

The new generation part numbers contain a new Wi-Fi / Bluetooth component which requires a new software driver and firmware to work.

The part numbers with new Wi-Fi / Bluetooth 5 functionality are supported starting from the following software releases:

Ubuntu LTS 18.04 and beyond

Linux kernel 4.9 and beyond

Android 8.0 Oreo and beyond

NOTE: If you don’t use Wi-Fi / Bluetooth you can continue to use your old software.

Have questions?

Please contact with your TechNexion Representative for assistance with smooth transition to next generation products. Samples of the new part numbers are available in mass production.


Jonathan Hung

Product Manager


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