O-ring Installation Guide

Difficulty Levels: Beginner
Date added: April 18, 2018
Affected Products: TC-0710 , TC-1010 , TEP-0500-IMX6UL , TEP-0500-IMX7 , TEP-0700-IMX6UL , TEP-0700-IMX7 , TEP-1010-BSW , TEP-1010-IMX6 , TEP-1560-BSW , TEP-1560-IMX6

This guide provides instructions for how to properly install the rubber O-ring into our panel products. It is applicable to all TEP series HMI devices. The rubber O-rings are used to provide secure, waterproof sealing when two parts are assembled, and it is important that they perform optimally. For this purpose, proper installation is necessary. The installation process, when performed correctly, is capable of increasing the service life of the component as well as the application.

Installation steps

Please follow the steps below to properly install the waterproof rubber O-ring.

Steps 1 and 2: Prepare your device and O-ring.

Step 3: Align the O-ring with the groove.

Step 4: Press the O-ring into the corners of the O-ring groove.

Step 5: Press the O-ring into the center.

Step 6: Finally, stretch it uniformly around the O-ring groove.

Tips: Do not pull from one side. Make sure that you stretch the O-ring as little as possible. This will provide a tighter grip and added security.

O-ring installation steps

After installation

Lastly, after installation of the O-ring, make sure that the O-ring is not twisted in your device’s O-ring groove.

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