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Creating a mass production ready embedded device involves a large commitment of resources and expertise in many areas — A commitment of resources that can be difficult for some smaller companies.

Fortunately, TechNexion has the in-house embedded design and customization services to help you realize your product plans. We have successfully delivered thousands of projects for our customers, ranging from small modifications to our standard products to projects that needed carrier boards and single board computers completely designed from the ground up with extremely complex requirements. For example, a drone project needing 9-axis sensors with CAN.

Our experience and expertise mean we can add value to all the stages of the development process including hardware design, software, mechanical, manufacturing, and project design and management.

With TechNexion your project will be brought to market ahead of schedule and with a solution that is cost-effective, durable and technologically superior.

Hardware Experience

For nearly 20 years now, we have turned the most complex customer hardware requirements into commercialized, durable and scalable products. Our knowledge of network interfaces, microprocessor design, routing limitations – and how carrier board design affects your industrial design and components – mean we have saved our customers money and got their project delivered ahead of time with superior components.

Software Expertise

Technexion has always differentiated itself by investing heavily in software. We are one of the few System-on-Module manufacturers certified with Android Things. We have superior plug-and-play development start kits and offer Android, Linux, Yocto and Ubuntu open source versions.

Our engineers are experts across all the software areas needed to make your product a success: bootloader to kernel porting, hardware abstraction layer, drivers, user experience and optimization, hardware and software integration and testing. We also work across a wide range of operating systems, languages, development environments, and protocols.

Project Planning and Management

Our product and project managers can help you with all aspects of planning your product: budgeting, scheduling, product requirements, product content and product quality to market research and requirements analysis. During this process, we engage you to discuss your objectives, give you proposals based on them, find you partnerships, let you know on BoM costs, and then create working prototypes aimed at testing and verifying the most critical parts of your project as soon as possible. Finally, we make sure we have contingency plans in place so that your project remains on schedule with a design that is technically and commercially viable.

At all times, we protect your intellectual property and we can handle certification.

Mechanical and Manufacturing

TechNexion has its own manufacturing facilities with factory and design teams working together, communicating, and sharing expertise in a way not possible when they are in separate businesses with separate priorities. These teaming working together mean that each stage of the transition to manufacturing can go smoother and faster, the unique aspects of your design realized more cost-effectively, and production line capacity planned for with better timing. It also means you will not fall victim to the production scheduling priorities of contract manufacturers who might give preferential treatment to larger orders.

Our team makes sure your design is done in such a way that it can be smoothly mass produced. Firstly, we deliver a fast proof of concept so you that you can understand as early as possible project costs, risks and time (We also consult with you and design for industrial environment, thermal dissipation, and ruggedization if appropriate). And then,  when you as the customer are happy, we take care of enclosure design, agency approvals, and the creation of prototypes, alpha and beta production units.

Industry Areas

We have completed projects for medical, automotive, control and automation, collaboration, video conferencing, industrial sensors, transportation and energy, gateways and routers, wearables and robotics, consumer wearable, mobile devices, aerospace and aeronautics.

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