PICO System On Modules


PICO system-on-modules are very compact, scalable, high performance SOMs that are optimized for mobile and Internet of Things. They are based on NXP’s i.MX6 and i.MX7 application processors with options for single, dual lite, dual and quad-core versions; making them ideal for everything from multimedia to low-cost IoT devices. Designed to support as wide a range of signals as possible, they combine ARM Cortex architecture with the Intel Edison connector standard. Pico also has a range of evaluation boards with ready-to-use sensors and I/Os allowing the development of applications that take advantage of the full range of opportunities in today’s connected world. That IoT focus extends to software with several editions certified by Google for its IoT operating system, Android Things.

Additionally, TechNexion PICO evaluation boards ease proto-typing and accelerate time to market by offering a complete platform introducing large number of ready to use sensors and available I/O’s to take advantage of today’s technology and communication challenges, giving our customers cutting edge technology that can easily be expanded and implemented into industry 4.0 applications.


TechNexion PICO modules incorporate only components from embedded roadmaps of strategic suppliers and are backed up with value added technical services such as life cycle management, revision control and end-of-life support.

Development Startkits

Kickstart your project development cycle with our plug and play development startkits that come pre-loaded with working software and all tools to assist you to validate performance and explore additional possibilities without the need to invest a huge amount of time and resources upfront.

TechNexion and Open Source

TechNexion PICO modules come standard with source code and binary demo images for the following Operating Systems:

Android binary demo images, instructions to make your own, as well as complete source code available.

Linux binary demo images and full source code u-boot, kernel and support packages available.

Yocto binary demo images and full source code u-boot, kernel and support packages available.

Ubuntu binary demo images available.

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