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IoT-Enabled Precision Agriculture Is a Solution to Beat the World Food Crisis

Approaching 8 billion people, our planet’s expanding population has caused severe pollution accelerating global warming and climate change leading to a massive reduction of arable land. The aging population, in turn, affects the size of the labor force as well as its productivity. Tech-led growth in agriculture can help solve some of these problems.

TechNexion’s TEK8 Series Embedded Computers powered by NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX are able to connect with up to 24 VizionLink Cameras with onsemi AR0144 Global Shutter Image Sensors. This enables versatile agriculture machines to perform various tasks. Equipped with IP68 rated cameras, sturdy cables up to 15 meters long, with automotive-grade FAKRA connectors, TechNexion’s VizionLink cameras surpass the environmental limitations of most outdoor farms. The combination of edge computing and machine vision is an approach to address labor and resource shortages by making the best use of scarce resources and conserving the environment.

Application 1: GPS Soil Sampling

GPS targeting enables accurate soil sampling locations with transmitted data from the cloud via a 5G network.

GPS Soil Sampling

Application 2: AI-aided Pest and Plant-disease Detection

Detection with AI edge computing enables growers to receive real-time information and actionable insights to determine further actions to be taken.

AI-aided Pest and Plant-disease Detection

Application 3: Pest Control with Precise Pesticide Spraying

Vision-based AI identification enables machines to precisely spray nutrients, preventing soil and water pollution due to chemical run-off. As an alternative to herbicide, a smart weeding machine can utilize vision-based AI at the edge to eliminate only weeds, not valuable crops.

Pest Control with Precise Pesticide Spraying

Application 4: Precise Irrigation and Fertilization with Management Data

Farm crops, weeds, and soil conditions can be determined using vision-based AI processing. These machines apply highly optimized nutrients and irrigation, for maximum yields. Especially in arid regions, wastage can be optimally decreased.

Precise Irrigation and fertilization with Management Data

Application 5: Crop Growth Monitoring and Harvesting Automation

When integrated into a mobile robot, our system can collect data on crop growth, determining crop maturity and harvest automatically, thus reducing heavy labor costs.

Crop Growth Monitoring and Harvesting Automation

As part of our purpose, TechNexion continues to pursue innovations and technological progress in order to help the world achieve sustainable development goals. Start automating your agricultural processes and living in harmony with nature.

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