Panel PCs

Panel PCs

Panel PCs integrate your embedded computing solution and a touchscreen into one device, taking up less space, reducing cable usage, and offering improved robustness and mobility. The built-in touchscreen provides a human-machine-interface (HMI) to enable you to easily control your equipment.

Technexion has a number of panel PC series with options to customize for high performance, cost-effectiveness, multi-touch, ruggedness, waterproof, temperature range, type of mounting, touch panel size, and different power and I/O expansion needs. Our panels are ideal for automation, manufacturing, surveillance, transportation, or the food and beverage industry.

TEP Series

Our TEP Series is available with either ARM or x86 architecture, and also has an IP65 anodized aluminum enclosure enabling cleaning with water. Moreover, to improve robustness, the design is cable-less with all the I/O connectors on the main single board computer and expansion delivered through a high-speed board-to-board connector.

Through internal mini-PCIe sockets with SIM and M.2 expansion slots for SSD, 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi expansion modules, it enables a huge range of options to connect to the cloud or a remote network.

Unique Expansion Possibilities

The TEP series also delivers easy and long-lasting, tightly integrated customization, enabling you to have a solution that better matches the requirements and therefore budget of your project. Expansion is made possible through a range of power and networking and I/O modules , while the board-to-board connectors ensure the expanded product can be used in environments with a high degree of friction.

Power and Networking Expansion Module

A range of off-the-shelf modules are available with in-built networking and single 12V DC, 10-30V DC wide power, or Power-Over-Ethernet – with smart network switching capability – options.

Automation I/O Expansion Modules

Our I/O expansion modules have CAN Bus, UART, I²C, SPI, USB and GPIO interfaces. Presently, we have a galvanic isolated I/O model with RS-232/422/485 or as a non-galvanic version.


TechNexion TEP Series panel computing devices only incorporate components from suppliers who support our roadmaps. In addition, we support them with value added technical services such as life cycle management, revision control and end-of-life support.

TechNexion and Open Source

Our panel computing devices come standard with source code and binary demo images for the following operating systems:

  • Android binary demo images, instructions to make your own, as well as complete source code.
  • Linux binary demo images, full source code, u-boot, and and support packages.
  • Yocto binary demo images, full source code, u-boot, and support packages.
  • Ubuntu binary demo images.

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