TechNexion PICO-PI-IMX7 Wins Best Startup Project in Google Android Things Developer Competition

Android Things is a powerful and versatile IoT platform that enables you to  develop embedded connected device faster and more easily. To illustrate this Google and NXP recently ran a competition on entitled, Android Things: Rapid Prototypes to Real Projects. The competition inspired thousands of project proposals and more than 50 project submissions over categories like entertainment, industrial IoT manufacturing, retail, robotics, smart city and smart home with the results published on November 10th.

Pico Pi Inspires Best Startup Project

TechNexion has one of the few approved development kits for Android Things, PICO-PI-IMX7, featuring as the kit of choice of many of the submitted projects. This included the winner of the Best IoT Project, Team IoT Design Shop, an innovative idea to create the ultimate add-on to a home brewing kit with a system to enable the brewer to more accurately control temperature, volume, flow rates and timing.

You can hit on the links above to learn more about the Team IoT Design Shop winning project, other projects, or find out more about TechNexion and Android Things.

Alternatively, if you would like to quickly compare our range of Pico Pi Android Things system on modules, starter and full experience kits you can do so here.

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