TechNexion Android Things Approved Developer Kit On display at DroidconUK 2017

At TechNexion, we have been investing heavily in IoT over the last few years so it was fantastic to see our Google approved Android Things IoT developer kit, Pico Pi, on display at the recently finished DroidconUK. Droidcon, which is the biggest global support network for Android, brings together developers and companies at events in more than 30 countries worldwide every year.

Pico Pi Making IoT Development Easier

Pico Pi was on display as it is one of the few approved development kits available for Android Things, a new version of Android created by Google to focus on embedded connected devices and IoT.

As part of the display, Pico Pi was powering a “drawbot” demo device showcased on the booth.

There are a range of system on modules, starter and full experience kits available on our webshop.


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