An exclusive look inside the TechNexion factory at

Nicolas “Charbax” Charbonnier of has visited TechNexion’s factory and Computex booth on his latest visit to Taiwan.

Charbax video-blogs are famous for its rapid pace, uncut style, bold questions and brisk answers… To sneak peek join Charbax by simple clicking on the links below! In the first video, you can watch TechNexion office and factory tour that takes you through all production stages:

In the second video-blog you can watch a lineup of new products that TechNexion was showing off at Computex Taipei:


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About TechNexion

TechNexion offers a wide range of embedded modular solutions to leading OEM/ODM companies in the multimedia, communication, security, automation and process control industries. TechNexion continuous investment in production technology and state-of-the-art equipment upgrades make it possible to meet technically increasingly complex customer demand. TechNexion products range from Systems on Module, Embedded Mainboards, Fanless Computing, Panel Computing to Internet of Things. All products and solutions are backed up with unmatched longevity, open hardware documentation and open source software.

TechNexion is a ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified company and is a founding member of the EDM (Embedded Design Modules) Standard.
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