Google Cloud IoT Core

To successfully grasp IoT opportunities, businesses need to do so much more than just develop a great device, they must be able to connect, manage, ingest and then analyze the data from potentially millions of globally dispersed devices. Unfortunately, data fragmentation, poor data security and costs can make this very difficult for many businesses.

To address this Google has developed Google Cloud IoT Core, a fully-managed Google Cloud Platform service(GCP) that allows you to securely connect your globally distributed devices to the Google Cloud Platform, centrally manage them, and integrate them with GCP’s IoT analytics capabilities to help you create better applications and services.

TechNexion and Google IoT Core Reduce Costs and Device Management Difficulties

TechNexion has several developer and full experience hardware kits approved for Android Things, Google’s platform designed to make it easier to develop embedded connected IoT hardware. Android Things integrated with Google Cloud IoT Core offers many benefits including security from the operating system all the way to the cloud. This combination of TechNexion, NXP, Android Things, Google IoT Core and Google Cloud Platform enables you to develop, deploy and manage IoT devices faster – as well as get the data insights to build world beating services – for a smaller investment of resources and time.


Building Better Embedded Devices with Pico Series System on Modules

PICO-IMX7 and PICO-PI-IMX7 are part of the Pico SoM series of ultra-compact form factor SoMs optimized for mobile devices and IIoT. The PICO SoM series is based on NXP’s i.MX6, i.MX7, i.MX8M and i.MX8M Mini application processors including options for single, dual and quad core versions making it ideal for everything from multimedia to low-cost IoT devices.

Complete IoT solution

Designed to support as wide a range of signals as possible, it combines ARM Cortex architecture with the Intel Edison connector standard. It also has a range of evaluation boards with ready to use sensors and I/O’s to enable the development of applications that take advantage of the full range of opportunities in today’s connected world.

Opting for a PICO system on module optimized and approved for Android Things gives you access to a unique and exhaustive range of development and management resources ensuring your IoT device development is simpler, quicker and more cost-effective.


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