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EDM Modules and Carrier Boards

EDM Standard is the first complete open hardware and software standard for x86 and ARM Computer on Modules under the creative commons share alike license.

The first true pin-to-pin Computer on Module standard that merges ARM and x86 into a true swap drop-in replacement where not only hardware but also software is tailored to give your project freedom to choose the performance and underlying hardware based on your application and end equipment.

A real standard where products are listed after they are confirmed to be software/driver and hardware compatible with the reference baseboard schematics and software guideline to reduce risk to projects at time of switching to other modules.

TechNexion is not only the leading co-founder of EDM standard but also the leading company launching EDM modules and baseboards to offer adopters and endusers with a full range of products to make EDM your first action point when starting your new embedded project.
EDM Formfactors
EDM comes in three different formfactors, all being pincompatible but targetting slightly different applications.
EDM Compact
82 x 60 mm

For mobile and compact applications
EDM Standard
82 x 95 mm

For Point of Service, multimedia and digital signage
EDM Extended
82 x 145 mm

For high-end multimedia, communication and signage applications
EDM compatible pinouts among Compact, Standard and Extended Modules
TechNexion and Open Source
androidlinuxTechNexion is a strong advocate of open source soft- and hardware. As a result all EDM baseboard schematics are freely available for download to assist you to develop your own baseboard quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore for customers that like our EDM modules and standard baseboards you can easily find 2D and 3D files in our download center to incorporate our boards in your custom enclosure.
TechNexion longevity for EDM Modules
TechNexion EDM Modules are designed by only using components from embedded roadmaps of strategic suppliers and are backed up with value added technical services such as life cycle managment, revision control and end-of-life support.

Standard longevity for ARM based EDM modules is between 10 and 12 years from market entry. For x86 EDM modules this is between 5 and 7 years.
TechNexion EDM Custom Engineering Services
For customers that lack engineering staff, TechNexion also offers custom engineered baseboard design and manufacturing services where our expertise as co-founder of the EDM standard will assist you to ensure your design is fully compatible and future upgrade proof while moving to next generation EDM modules.

Our services range from custom BIOS porting, complete baseboard designs to turn-key projects including enclosures, displays etc.